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Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

Great game for couples anniversary or hen night.


First of all lets explain -

How to play Mr and Mrs

The game of Mr and Mrs is quite an old one and has had many TV series the first lasting 24 years! There are a few variations of the game however they are all very similar and can be adjusted to suit. The quizmaster (which can be your mobile disco dj) invites one partner to be asked a list of questions about themselves in a location where the other partner will not be able to hear the conversation between the two.


The quizmaster will write down the answers to each question and then invite the other partner over. With both partners together now the other partner is asked the exact same questions about their partner again by the quizmaster (who will ask them out loud for everybody to hear) and the second partner then answers the questions.


This game is great for Anniversary parties, weddings, hen nights, etc as it reveals how much a couple know about each other.

Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

Most people like to make up their own questions as it can be more fun when they are more personal to the couple being questioned but here are some examples you might want to use.


Mr & Mrs Food Questions


What's your partners favourite drink?

If your partner could eat only one meal for the rest of their life what would it be?

What is the hottest dish your partner enjoys?

What is your partners least favourite food?

Which brand does your partner like the most?

What is your partners favourite restaurant?

What is the weirdest food your partner like?


Mr & Mrs TV & Film Questions


What is your partners favourite TV show?

What is the scariest film you both have seen together?

What TV show do you both like the most?

Would your partner describe you as a film lover?


Mr & Mrs Music Questions


4ft High MR&MRS Letters for Hire


What is your partners favourite type of music?

What is their favourite band or artist?

Does your partner play any instruments?

What band or artist did your partner see first?

What is your partners favourite song?


Mr & Mrs Sport Questions


What is your partners favourite sport?

If your partner could be a famous sportsperson who would they be?

Has your partner ever played in a sports team?

Has your partner ever injured themselves whilst playing sport?
What football team does your partner support?


Mr & Mrs Firsts Questions


Love Letters MR&MRS sign Poole Bournemouth


What was the first film you saw together?

What was the first meal you both ate together?

What were you wearing the first time you met?

What were you wearing on your first date?

Where was your first date?

What is the first words you said to each other?

What was your partners first job?

Where did you have your first kiss?


Mr & Mrs Other Questions


What is your partners worst habit?

What would your partner say is the best part of your body?

What does your partner like best about your personality?

What annoys your partner the most about you?

Does your partner like marmite?

What is the most embarrassing thing your partner has done?

What is your most memorable day with your partner?

Where was your partner born?

What colour are your partners eyes?

Who is the tidiest?

Who takes criticism the best?

What is your partners greatest fear?

How many children does your partner want?

What would your partner take if they were only allowed one thing on a desert island other than you?

Where would your partner like to go around the world?

What size trousers does your partner wear?

What is your partners favourite alcoholic drink?

What is your partner most proud of?



Hopefully that is enough to get you started on the right track for your Mr and Mrs quiz.

Don't forget you can always ask your DJ to be the Quizmaster.

We have illuminated MR & MRS Light up Letter sign to hire in Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, New forest.




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